A Silent Shadow

A fiction novel by Avijit Kumar De

A Silent Shadow

“Krishna, you are crying?” A teardrop had rolled down his cheek.

“Yes, I am. My whole world has fallen apart. I can’t think of anything.”

As you proceed, you will see how screwed up one can be, if he does not think straight, and how miserable it can be when situations go out of hand. Or is it let go out of hand? It is for you to find out. I call this person the Advisor because he always gave advice to others, even if they wanted it or not. He involved himself to such an extent to solve it that he screwed up his life completely. This fellow thought that he knew everything. As he always said, “There is a solution to every problem.” But what about his own?

A fiction by AVIJIT KUMAR DE

The book is available on Amazon.in Get it NOW!

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