This book is a fiction inspired by various tales of my life.  I am out-and-out writing this book inspired by my colleagues who were so eager to listen to these stories, which I enjoyed sharing with them as well as theirs. I am truly thankful to all of them who wanted this in the form of a book.

I thank my friends, Prasanna Kumar, Harita Kumari, Thara, Sunil, Sowmya, Ranjit, Arthur Sohan, and Murlidhar VM who has been the source of inspiration to me all along.  I always wanted to tell my story. It was only when Jaishri said the story is so funny that I should write a book. Hey, did I mention her before? There she is, one of the most amazing women in the world.  She lives her life on her terms. As she shared her story with us, to make it short, she is a runaway from her home to marry her college sweetheart, and also had traveled around the world before she had crossed her teens. She is amazing, I must say.

The idea of writing a book came from all my friends who insisted me to write some ten years ago.  I started writing at that time, but the book did not see the light of day until now as it remained incomplete for so long.

Just a few months ago, I happened to see advertisements on Facebook from Partridge India looking for India authors who write stories, thereby the book came into existence.

My book will be available in e-book, paperback, and hardback  formats:

Hardback 978-1-4828-8428-9

Paperback 978-1-4828-8429-6

E-book 978-1-4828-8427-2



The book is also available at Amazon.in.  Please click the link below: