Author Avijit Kumar De releases ‘A Silent Shadow’


New book follows one young man’s journey through obstacles, failures, triumphs

BANGALORE, India – Author Avijit Kumar De believes that success lies in giving rather than receiving. In his new book, “A Silent Shadow” (published by Partridge India), he chronicles a heartwarming tale about selflessness, friendship and compassion.


The book is about a story of a young boy named Krishna. He dares to dream big and takes a leap to the unknown. Swamped by failures along the way, Krishna displays incredible perseverance when he persists and strives ahead. Learning from his mistakes and believing in love, Krishna enjoys the admiration of the people around him who see his selflessness and compassion as truly remarkable. His friend, James, follows him in his path of life – a silent shadow. Will James stay by his side when Krishna needs him the most?

“I wish to tell the reader that one does not know what one is capable of until one has tried to step out of the comfort zone and tried to do something different,” the author says. “The message is ‘To strive, to seek, to find and not to yield.’”

A compelling and moving read, “A Silent Shadow” inspires young adults to follow their dream and act in spite of fear. Once one overcomes the fears, success is just a step away.  “Failure is a learning and stepping stone to success. One should not be bogged down when failure comes, rather strive ahead with greater zeal thus one is destined to succeed,” De adds.

“A Silent Shadow”

By Avijit Kumar De

Hardcover | 5x8in | 172 pages | ISBN 9781482884289

Softcover | 5x8in | 172 pages | ISBN 9781482884296

E-Book | 172 pages | ISBN 9781482884272

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